About Integritas

Integritas at a glance

Your Online Accounting Team

We are the people who make your monthly finance reports easier. Integritas provides honest and accurate bookkeeping services, accounting solutions, and auxiliary services for small businesses and industry professionals. The goal is to help the business grow and add value to its operations without being tied down to calculating the ups and downs each quarter.

Doing your numbers online for you doesn’t have to be scary - Integritas offers several options that will allow your systems to integrate with us with the promise of data protection.

On-time for your Mega Reports

At Integritas, we value consistency and convenience. Your deadlines are important to us - we want to equip you with the right tools and resources to grow and flourish. Whether you’re a small business or a one-man army, Integritas has a special deal for you. Our resource deployment costs will cater to the needs that are required for your business’s success.

Exclusive Services

We understand that problems come in all sizes and that is why we offer customized solutions for your accounting needs starting from only $35 per hour*. Flexible accountancy teams with diverse industry experience across dynamic structures help businesses with data visibility. It’s all the output expected from an in-house accounting team without the stress and upkeep.

Pros with Experience

There’s a team of dedicated and internationally certified accounting professionals available for a free* online consultation at your earliest. With over 30 years of combined experience in accounting, auditing, outsourcing, human resource, and process engineering, Integritas is a family of real people providing businesses with real-time calculated solutions.

Our Story

How it started

Nearly 7 years ago, Integritas was just a couple of laptops and office desks at another workplace - today we have a growing online presence with over 300 clients engaged with our services. We broke free from the traditional departmental office work and focused on optimizing our digital bookkeeping services through efficient teamwork. From the get-go, our value model has been providing intellectual capital at fair prices. The solutions we have proposed are tailored for specific accounting and administrative requirements and open to versatile growth are scalable and illimitable.

The Founding Board

Clients engaged with us have been provided with internationally certified chartered accountants in our team. The best in the industry have together to carry out value-added solutions. Our founding board consists of management and accounting professionals with a combined experience of 30 years in accounting, auditing, outsourcing, human resource, and process reengineering.

What happens at Integritas

From the moment we get a client on board, figuring out their needs and scheduling their deliverables, our entire business is conducted online. Using various accounting applications and effective tools, our process is smooth. All data given by the client is protected by the online platform and signed NDAs and agreements. A comprehensive workflow is developed at the beginning so you have a clear idea of what sort of data needs to be shared. Multiple system integration options are available to ensure convenience.

The Integritas offices

We’re online! Find us in cyberspace, doing our best work and helping businesses grow exceptionally from Zoom, Skype, and Meet. The online bookkeeping concept has increased productivity on both ends - us and the businesses working with us. We offer Online Records and Skype/Zoom/Google Room conferences.

Who do we work with?

The advantage of being an online business services provider is that we can work with people and businesses from all over the world. Integritas is all about empowering SMEs and industry professionals to grow their businesses while we handle the records!

Key Advantages

What Sets Integritas Apart? Key Integritas Advantages

You might wonder what’s better than your own in-house accounting team; in this economy and global epidemic - probably an online team. There has never been more demand for dependable online services. Integritas switched to cyber operations years ago to save time and ma-power to make lives easier everywhere. We’re always thinking ahead and here’s why we’re different.

Checking All Your Boxes

Integritas specifically caters to the accounting and administrative needs of small and medium enterprises. We strive to be attentive and conscious of resource management when it comes to handling businesses.

Operating across ALL industries

Working in the health sector? Development sector? Arts and Humanities? With over 30+ industries served with Integritas expertise, we can figure out what your business needs when it comes to bookkeeping and accounts management.

AI Operations

We operate in an age of emerging artificial intelligence systems where basic data entry and organization are redundant. Our energies are focused on your deliverables by the 15th of each month.

Cyber Accounting Heroes

Virtual office spaces, across-the-clock deliverables, data clouds, and professionals comfortable with different accounting frameworks are part of our organizational DNA.

We Grow with You

Even if your workload increases, (which we hope it does!) Integritas promises to provide quick and accurate service without any room for downtime. We have simply progressed into a smoother integrated system of operations to worry about the turnaround time of machines.

Handling Numbers and Man-power

Aside from managing finances, Integritas can help streamline day-to-day and taxing administrative tasks. Expertly organized file systems, (protected by the cloud!) scheduling communications and emails.

Safe and Trustworthy Outsourcing

Outsourcing important work doesn’t have to be a tough decision with Integritas. We work with cloud-protected systems to keep your data safe and deliver reports on time.

Services that Help You GROW

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Our bookkeeping, accounting, and administrative services are open to customization. It’s about how you want the work done. Book an appointment now to discuss your business growth!

The Integritas Mission

The team at Integritas headquarters is close-knit and purpose-driven despite being an online group. Our resources are persistent and have faith in our area of bookkeeping and accounting.

Mission Statement

Integritas aspires to become the leader in Outsourcing Services. . The goal is simple - gain efficiency in bookkeeping, accounting, tax and administrative services and be the unparalleled best at it. By providing high quality support services, we want to enable businesses to focus on their core objectives.

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