Ran my first 5K in Parkersburg, and then I decided to start walking because I kind of a slow runner, Gates said. Really competitive, and I knew that I could probably do well as a walker. Said she was first in her age group in her very first 5K walk race, the Fall Back in Marietta..

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The area near the Chappel Dam, which holds back Wiggins Lake, in Gladwin County was under the pressure of potential flash flooding earlier this week. Gladwin County Emergency Management on Monday, May 18, ordered residents near the Cedar River, south of Chappel Dam and along the Tittabawassee River to evacuate. The order included the southern and northwestern portions of the city of Gladwin.

Training Camp takes place over the course of about two weeks. During this time, you have a formal interview, you get headshots taken, get measured for uniforms, perfect four dances, and prepare for two more rounds of judged performances. The first performance is the pageant.

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