Pondering how such an establishment could exist in this time and place misses the point. It’s a marvel that this business could ever exist. It was certainly fun while it lasted. “Social agenda needs resources that can only be generated by reviving growth and expanding the pie. Versus most countries, we have been high on stringency of the lockdown and low on fiscal support,”Munot told Moneycontrol.”Given the environment, both corporate sector and households may remain thrifty and risk averse, the onus is on government to lever up and spend. While direct support to poor was critical during the lockdown, as the economy opens fiscal multiplier should be the driving force in prioritizing expenditure,” he said.Track this blog for highlights from second day of FM’s press briefingsInfrastructure projects should be prioritised to create immediate employment.Fortunately, rural economy is in decent shape and must be shielded from supply chain disruptions as well as from the virus that returning migrant workers may bring along, Munot said.RBI’s roleMunot agreed that the central bank has been aggressive in policy response so far, but yet it has only met with partial success in achieving the desired outcomes.He referred to the big disconnect between macro and micro level liquidity.The tepid response to TLTRO 2.0 suggests lack of risk appetite and therefore the real economy stays starved for funds, Munot said.Government providing first loss guarantee, further relaxation in prudential norms, and RBI capping absorption through the reverse repo window along with aggressive OMOs are some measures that should help transmission, Munot said https://www.jerseysforusa.com .Referring to the credit market, Munot said: “This month credit markets witnessed an unprecedented event when a $ 3 billion bond portfolio was left wanting for liquidity in a $ 3 trillion economy.”Next generation financial system reforms such as deepening of corporate bond markets, securitisation market, channelising patient capital through the AIF route and creating lenders of last resort, to name a few should be considered, he pointed out..

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