CRT favorite John Bixler, who will appear in the role of Lloyd Dallas, has appeared in CRT’s How To Succeed, The Music Man and Man of La Mancha. CRT favorite Steve Hayes returns to the CRT stage in the role of Selsdon Mowbray. Hayes previously appeared at CRT in How to Succeed.,Xanadu, Gypsy and Seussical the Musical.

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4Religion and PhilosophyTo grow in our understanding of the character of God we need to learn more about his ‘natural’ and ‘moral’ characteristics as we find them revealed in the Old Testament so we can mature in our faith as we ourselves develop and mature.1The BibleGod Is Not ‘the Man Upstairs’ or ‘a Cool Dude’by Margaret Minnicks 32 hours agoThere are over 100 names for God in the Bible. Yahoo! Let us Celebrate. Life is short.

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