On the next business day, NTV will call, starting with the 1st caller according to the answering service’s time stamped list. NTV will use the contact telephone number given to the operator on the previous night. NTV will verify that the contestant has matched the Lucky Number and meets all rules for this promotion, and upon correctly answering the skill testing question, that person will be considered eligible to claim the Prize associated with that night’s broadcast.

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Remember that you stand on the shoulders of all who came before you. Love them, remember their traditions and honor their legacy. Your parents, grandparents and their parents before them sacrificed, persisted and transcended so that your path might be easier.

Nuclear Wine Co. In Los Alamos is one of the California wineries that has decided to can its wine. The company currently has two available wines in a can, a white Chardonnay and a Red table wine that is a mixture of Cabernet (44 percent), Merlot (25 percent), Pinot Noir (16 percent) and Syrah (15 percent).

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