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Nice to see the excitement. It gets me more excited, he said Tuesday afternoon. A daily basis, you see more and more here getting done. The effect of this fragrance is simply bold and mysterious at the same time. It is the scent a woman needs to wear when she goes to a club to meet and attract men. It may be combined with floral scents..

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(For a preview of the apron, check out Stefano Gabbana’s Instagram feed.)This is just the first collaboration between the two independent Italian companies, according to Guiseppe di Martino, chief executive officer of the Pastifico di Martino and a fourth generation pasta maker. “We have a two year contract with them, but we have talked about 25,000 things, so this is just the beginning,” he says. “This is the first time ever in history that food and fashion have come together like this.” According to di Martino, his pasta will play a big part in D holiday display at Harrods.Meanwhile, pasta has announced itself in Dolce Gabbana campaigns for straight fashion and beauty.

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