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cheap nfl jerseys You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingSee cheap nfl jerseys ourprivacy noticeFrom 4pm until 5.30pm on Thursday (August 15), Wasps players will be on hand to greet supporters as the home and away designs for the 2019/20 campaign go on sale.But what do we know about the kits so far and what do Wasps fans hope the club goes for?Design hoops to stay or go? It looks like the gold hoops that wrapped around the home and away jerseys in the 2018/19 season will be gone in time for this term.Why? Well the ever creative Wasps Rugby communications team issued a Tweet on Sunday which featured a Scene from Back to the Future with Marty McFly performing on stage.Back in black one presumes that references the direction Wasps are taking with their new kit while the hashtag FutureIsComing suggests a former kit is likely to be the inspiration for this season offering.Is that what the supporters want? The hooped design for the 2018/19 season proved popular but it wasn a campaign supporters will remember fondly.Using a poll on our Wasps CoventryLive Facebook page we asked would you prefer to the hoops or go to black 58% opted for the latter of the two options.Josh Bassett of Wasps is tackled by Zach Kibirige of Newcastle Falcons they will teammates in 2019/20What else is changing with the kit from last season? Well the big difference will be the main partner logo. No longer will Land Rover take pride of place in the centre of Wasps shirts.In its place will be the iconic Vodafone logo after the communications giant agreed a two year deal to become the club new main partner.How much will the new kits cost? This we do know. While the designs are under wraps the shirts are available to pre order online. cheap nfl jerseys

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