Oh my, it was like bringing a new baby home and not having set up a nursery. Rocket was going to need a bed to sleep in, a kennel to rest in, a collar and leach, and a food bowl. Fortunately, these things were easy to gather off the shelves of the pet supply store and the cart was full of these bulky items in minutes.

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I noticing the chair is actually not very comfortable. I noticing my legs feel sticky against part of the chair. You observe the objects with your senses, acknowledge when you become distracted, and continue noticing. You would think we would be seasoned veterans of this game by now, this wasn’t the first and won’t be the last it’s just the current right now. I’ve now watched just about every episode of this show so far and actually find myself liking it quite a bit. I grew up with a father who loved Star Trek, I was very into the idea of space because he was.

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This reduction of ourselves to creatures so unique that we become disassociated, isolated, independent, self sufficient is nonsense. Even in a wilderness, we are no more alone in this world than the mouse in the attic is alone just because its fellow mice are in the basement. We might be at a distance from one another; but being distant is not being alone.

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