PROBABLES: St. Edmond (0 1 overall, 0 0 in NCC): Abby Landwehr, sr., 0.0; Macey Mason, sr., 7.0; Jacque Oberg, sr., 4.0; Erin Flattery, sr., 10.0; Jocy Timmerman, jr., 6.0. Hampton Dumont (0 1, 0 0): Kaci Arjes, jr., 5.0; Maci Arjes, jr., 6.0; Courtney Miller, jr., 11.0; Briana Grover, jr., 1.0; Paige Springer, sr., 8.0.KEY STATS: Flattery led St.

Karthick Naren builds Mafia on some great visuals which he uses to his strength to elevate the overall viewing experience. The visuals are effectively complemented by Jakes Bejoy terrific background score and Sync Cinema sound design. But the film is much more than just gloss and Karthick backs it with some smart writing, especially when he pulls the rug from under with a delicious, gallery pleasing climatic twist which serves as a rewarding pay off..

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