Pruitt was confirmed Friday afternoon, mostly along partisan lines in the Senate, after a process that featured much criticism of his statements about climate change, his relationships with the fossil fuel industry and his history of litigation against the agency he’s now leading. Two Democrats in the Senate, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, voted for him. One Republican, Susan Collins of Maine, voted against him..

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In the early 1880s, Griffin house got an extreme makeover when John and Sophia Hebeisen bought the property. Years earlier, Griffin brother in law Joshua Torrey, a carpenter and boat builder, had built an adjacent house with a separate entrance, creating a side by side duplex. The Hebeisens turned both halves into a single 3,200 square foot residence that they transformed to reflect the ornate Victorian style that was popular at the time.

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At the Miramar, public areas will be sanitized hourly. Housekeepers will use a minimum of four different color coded microfiber cloths each time they clean a guest room. Ultraviolet light air purifiers have been installed in the heating and air conditioning systems in the main building that bring in only outside air instead of recycling it..

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