At a recent FaceBook TownHall meeting sponsored by the Anne Arundel County Branch of the NAACP and other concerned community members, schools Superintendent George Arlotto was asked for the plan to ensure fairness in implementing distance learning to all students. He admitted that there is no initiative, no innovation, no plan. There is also no evidence of planning to support these students over the summer or whenever they return to school..

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Have a basketball fan in the family? Show them how holistic therapies such as acupuncture has been used by athletes such as Yao Ming from the Houston Rockets. Married to someone interested in soaps and television? Send them stories of life changing heath moments from well known celebrities. Don’t use the stories that demonstrate a new fad diet or weight loss plan, but rather one of struggle triumph, and success.

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Tailgate Joe, owned by barbecue maven, chef, caterer and professional tailgater Joe Maino, brings Pat LaFrieda USDA prime grade beef and other meats to the doorstep. He also sources specialty cuts from the famed butcher such as tomahawks, veal chops and two inch thick, dry aged porterhouses. Owner Tarek Wazzan offers reasonably priced nibbles babaganoush, tabouleh, hummus and stuffed grape leaves plus barbecued meat by the pound and rotisserie chickens.

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